Cancellations & Refund

Cancellation fees of booking will be calculated from all local suppliers as different cruise lines and other partners have their own cancellation policy. Cancellation and refund policies are detailed on each individual cruise, under the Rate & Availability tab. There will be no refund or exchange can if customer decides to opt out while the tour in ongoing. If you have not used any of the services, no compensation will be given for the unused portion of the tour.

Main services general cancellation policy by customer (applied for FIT clients, for GIT clients we will update separate condition when we are dealing):

Package Tours
More than 60 days prior arrival date: FREE of charge
From 30 days to 59 days’ prior arrival date: 10% of total rate
From 15 days to 29 days’ prior arrival date: 30% of total rate
From 7 days to 14 days’ prior arrival date: 50% of total rate
Less than 7 days’ prior arrival date or No show: 100% of total rate

Halong Bay Cruise
More than 21 days prior to check-in: FREE of charge
From 11 to 30 days prior to check-in: 30% of total rates
From 04 to 10 days prior to check-in: 50% of total rates
Less 3 days prior to check-in or no-show: 100% of total rates

Short Tours (1 – 3 days)
More than 7 days prior: 10% of total rates.
From 4 to 7 days prior: 50% of total rates.
Less than 3 days prior or no show: 100% of total rates.